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Why Switch to Solar?

Power your home or office with a customized solar power system that allows you to make significant savings. Enjoy the many benefits of solar power starting today with the help of our comprehensive system. Solar Mesquite TX is all about solar power savings and how we can help maximize all of its advantages to benefit the most number of households and offices.

Take Advantage of This Powerful Opportunity!

You’re presented with a powerful new opportunity and you should take advantage of it. Solar power offers numerous advantages over traditional sources of power. Being located in the state of Texas, one of the advantages is maximized many times over with all the sun that residents receive all year round. This fact makes the city of Mesquite as well as nearby cities, perfect for solar power use and solar panels in particular. For home and business owners, this is the best opportunity to utilize this tremendous power source and considerable savings.

Comprehensive Solar Energy Services

Our comprehensive solar energy sources will serve as your guarantee to enjoy an unprecedented source of energy while saving a lot of money at the same time. You can enjoy all the benefits that solar power has and other energy sources simply don’t have and do so while enjoying our team’s reliable and unmatched support.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year and progressive renewable energy goals, Mesquite is a leader in the Texas for renewable energy. With ample incentives for switching to solar energy. Mesquite solar rebates can be combined with other local incentives and federal tax credits to make the switch to solar power systems accessible. These financial incentives, combined with increasing electric utility rates, make solar energy an investment decision that will continue to provide cost savings for years to come.

Solar Mesquite Texas was established in Mesquite in 2007, and we have since grown into the number one solar contractor in Texas. We install solar panels in Arlinton for residential and commercial customers. We are your go-to source for all of your needs for residential and commercial solar panels in Mesquite!

We take great pride in designing and installing the highest quality solar solutions using the best solar technology available, and we work to ensure every client receives the maximum possible return on their investment. From consultations to advanced monitoring, we offer a turn-key solar energy solution.


We offer three main services. We can say with utmost confidence that we do those services better than any other solar power company in the city of Mesquite and in nearby areas.


The Best Solar Power Company in Mesquite, TX

Mesquite Best Solar Panel is the best solar power company in Mesquite, Texas. We’re the number one and the most trusted when it comes to solar panel installation. We’ve gained the trust and respect of the residents of the city and nearby areas because of the exceptional quality of our services. Our experience and expertise give us a distinct advantage over our competitors as we’re capable of addressing every type of solar power need.

While it’s not something that’s totally new, solar power does provide an excellent option to homes and businesses that are searching for the best energy source. The fact that we consider solar power to be the best is the foundation of our beliefs and our willingness to spread awareness about the benefits of using solar energy. After all, not only is it renewable, it’s also becoming cheaper as time goes by. And with the grim reality that the prices of traditional energy sources are skyrocketing, we can see the tremendous value of going solar.

Aside from the obvious benefits of using solar energy, we also want to do our part in putting the spotlight on its other benefits. There are solar tax credits, energy rebates, and energy savings, among others. Of course, on top of all that, we’ll also guide our clients and make sure that they fully understand how to harness their solar panel system and get the most out of it. We have a team of solar specialists that works with every local utility as well as most of the local co-ops.

In addition to what we’ve already stated, the following are also what potential clients can get from working with us at Mesquite Best Solar Panel:

  • We are a locally owned and operated solar panel company.
  • Our team offers top-notch customization for your solar panel system so you’ll get what you specifically need.
  • We offer affordable prices and ensure that we work within your projected budget.
  • Design an energy solution that will help maximize the solar potential of your home.

By choosing to work with us at Mesquite Best Solar Panel, you’ll experience all of the above and more. Rely on us and our team to take care of all your solar power needs. We’ll guide you through the entire process, always making sure that you know and understand what’s going on. From the initial consultation to the customization, installation, and even to the regular maintenance of the system. We’re there every step of the way. And in the end, this is what you’ll get – affordable, clean, efficient, and renewable energy.

Mesquite Best Solar Panel is a Local Solar Company Based in Mesquite, Texas - Serving Residential and Commercial Customers

Mesquite Best Solar Panel is known for offering the most comprehensive solar power services in the city and beyond. We’re capable of delivering the highest quality solar products and services, and yet at reasonable prices. The three services that we offer are solar panels for homes, commercial solar panels, and battery backups. These are the three services that we offer and we’re confident to say that we believe that we do them better than any other solar contractor in our area.

Services We Offer

We are widely recognized as one of the leading solar companies in the city and in all of Texas for several reasons. One is our extensive experience. We’ve been in charge of solar panel system installations throughout the city as well as surrounding areas. Our team prioritizes efficiency with the system that we install although we also make sure that the aesthetic aspect isn’t neglected. Whether our customers are checking out solar panels for their homes for the first time ever or looking for an upgrade, we can definitely help and give them several quality options.

Installing commercial solar panels for businesses isn’t just a practical move, it’s actually a very good idea. A lot would consider it as a smart investment with an ROI that is relatively short. In any case, it would present several advantages for businesses, especially since it would prove to be the cheaper alternative in the long run. It should also be noted that it’s a great way for businesses to show that they value the environment and the planet as a whole. Another major benefit of switching to solar for companies is that it can also serve as an effective marketing vehicle. It will help attract people who prefer to do business with companies that have made a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability.

A crucial service that we offer is battery backup, both for homes and commercial establishments. The LG RESU 10h backup battery is meant to provide an uninterrupted power supply in the face of a power interruption or outage. By having a backup battery that automatically turns on when the power goes down, you’re protecting the continuous supply of power. And more importantly, it doesn’t need you to turn it on. It’s automatic and will be on whether you’re there or not. And it’s all going to happen within a split-second of the power loss. The LG RESU 10h is a small and low-profile unit that’s capable of delivering as much as 9.8 kW of power. Another great thing about is that it can be combined with two more units using the RESU Plus Expansion Kit. This is perfect for those who need an uninterrupted power supply for longer outages.

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What are the Benefits?

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Renewable and Pollution Free. Solar Radiation is Free and Clean and Renewable Source of Energy.

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Reduce Electricity Bill. Increasing electricity bill is a major concern around the world.

Less to No Maintenance for Years. One of the major benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Panel System is that there is very less to no maintenance costs involved.

Solar energy panels

More Solar Energy in Summer. PV Cells need good sunlight to generate electricity.

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What Our Clients are Saying About Us


At Mesquite Best Solar Panel, we take great pride in earning the trust and confidence of our clients, both home and business owners. The reason why we were able to achieve that feat is simple enough – we offered and provided them with the most comprehensive solar energy services, not just in Mesquite, but also in surrounding areas.

We have multiple positive reviews that serve as proof of the trust that has been given to us. Those reviews don’t just reflect the feelings of the clients but their actual experiences as well. It’s also a reflection of the effort and care that we put into the products that we offer and our customer service.

Another thing about the reviews is that we don’t check them out just for the positive and glowing comments. We also check them out to see what improvements we could still make to our products and services. Needless to say, the suggestions of our clients also serve us very well.

We are so pleased with our new solar panels! After only three months, we have already saved hundreds of dollars on our electric bill. They work perfectly and look awesome. Their staff was very professional and delivered what they promised, on time and on budget. Thanks!

Solar Denton TX - Solar Shades & Screens Provider
Donna Meyers
Rockwall, Texas
We wanted to tell you how much we love our new roller shades. They are perfect for our enclosed glass porch and help so much with afternoon heat. We could not be more pleased with the quality and price we received from Solar-Tex. Thank you again. I’m a happy customer indeed.

Solar Denton TX - Solar Shades & Screens Provider
Tom & Darlene Smith
Mesquite, Texas
Our new solar panels are beautiful. My air conditioner doesn’t have to work hard and the house is cooler. The views were not compromised and it really made a big difference for the appearance of our house from the outside. Great company, great people, great products and great prices. Thanks for an outstanding job!
Solar Denton TX - Solar Shades & Screens Provider
Leslie Reynolds
Dallas, Texas

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